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Solar pool heat kit

Do you want to be able to use your pool for a longer swimming season without breaking the bank on heating bills?

With the portable heat kit the new solar pool heating device from Solar in Spain you can supplement your heating system by making use of solar energy, a powerful, free, natural resource.

The heat kit uses a unique and novel approach to using free solar heat to reduce pool heating bills. It is a portable unit that plugs into a pool outlet and runs off the existing pool pump and filtering system, requiring
no additional mounting or plumbing. No climbing, crawling, creeping or construction required.

It can be quickly removed and stored for winter, you can even take it with you when you move!

Just find a suitable spot in the sun, plug the nozzle into a pool outlet socket, turn the pump on and enjoy the solar heat. Water from your existing pump system is diverted through the solar heat kit and is heated as it passes through the coils, coming out the other end several degrees hotter.

A complete compact solar heating system in a "DO IT YOURSELF" kit, for efficiently heating small above-ground swimming pools.

The standard size kit (120cm X 650cm) provides the exact amount of energy needed for an average sized pool. More panels can be added for larger pools.