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LOCATION: Inn on the Green Bowling Club, Javea 

DATE: 8th November 2017
TIME: 10:30 - 12:00

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Why pay money to heat water when sunlight is such an abundant resource here in Spain? Our highly-efficient Solmate solar hot water systems provide a year round, environmentally friendly and practical alternative to electric and gas hot water systems.

Do you rent out your villa, own a holiday home or manage a hotel? In these situations, hot water for sanitary, clothes and dish washing is one of the largest expenditures. Furthermore, water heating is often restricted by the supply of gas bottles or an unreliable electrical supply. Say goodbye to large bills and gas bottles and develop your own power plant!

Solmate solar water heaters - the options

As water is heated by the solar panel it can be stored in a cylinder above the collector in what is known as a compact system. Alternatively, the tank may be located elsewhere in your property, such as in the utility room or garage. This allows greater capacity, while placing the tank out of the sight. This method is known as a pumped system. As the name suggests a small thermostatically controlled pump exchanges fluid between tank and collector. Both compact and pumped systems provide mains pressure hot water.


All of the components that can make the move to solar energy a more expensive option are not needed with our compact system. The solar collector and tank can be simply incorporated into your existing hot water system. A compact system requires no electric circulation pump, no electronic controller, no temperature sensors and no replacement tank.

How does it work?
The water circulates naturally between the tank and the solar panel because of differences in water temperature. For correct functioning the tank must be placed higher than the panel. The system has a closed circuit filled with an anti-corrosive/anti-freeze solution. The system can either be installed on your roof or with the tank in a loft space. The tank comes fitted with a 2kW electric immersion heater to supplement the solar in winter and it can also be installed as a pre-heating system to a conventional boiler.


How does it work?
The heating fluid is pumped via a heat exchanger from the bottom of the storage tank where water is coolest to the solar panel where it is heated. The heated fluid then returns to the top of the storage cylinder and transfers that heat to the potable water which is then available for use. Storage tanks can be equipped with a second heat exchanger for connection to your existing boiler and an electrical heating element.

The solar system is controlled by a Solar Station that is equipped with a circulation pump, thermostatic controller and a filling loop along with pressure gauges and a safety valve.


Solar hot water panels come in 2 distinct types: vacuum tubes, which are more suited to businesses which experience a large usage of hot water and flat plate collectors which are best suited to households.

Our Solmate solar energy products enjoy the highest level of quality and durability in the industry as demonstrated by their Solar KeyMark certification. Our systems will provide constant hot water for your home or business.
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