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Solar in Spain has been active in renewable energy since 1999.  So far, we have successfully completed over 3,000 projects and we have developed a really strong combination of experience and knowledge in the sector.  As a company, we are totally dedicated to renewable energy. Due to our specialist knowledge, we can offer guidance and support to ensure you obtain the maximum benefits that solar energy has to offer. We also give you a lifetime single point of contact and accountability.

What is Right for You?

We know that every client has different energy requirements. That is why each of our projects is individually designed to meet your needs. We will discuss with you in detail your current energy situation and your expectations. Then, using the latest design software we will provide you with the very best option available. Rest assured we have the right solution for you.

Quality Service & Installations

Highly trained, motivated and experienced installers are at the heart of our service. The quality of their work will ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of the systems installed. We know that our solar systems, when installed professionally, will transform the way in which energy is supplied to your property.

Why Should We All Use Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which means we will not run out of it. Unlike fossil fuels, that will expire in another few decades, solar energy is never going to run out. We will continue to use solar energy for as long as the sun is shining.

Clean Energy Source: No contamination. That means, once your solar panels are installed, they will not damage the atmosphere; this is a huge benefit compared to other energy sources.

Greatly Reduced Electricity Bills:
 Power your property for free rather than paying for electricity from your utility company. You can also now sell surplus solar electricity to your utility company to further reduce your electricity bill. What’s more, every time your utility company raises the cost of electricity in the future, your investment grows.

The Solar Energy Monitoring App: See exactly how much electricity your solar system produces and how much you consume in your property. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a great energy management tool and is included with all our solar electricity systems.

Finance available: Start saving money from Day One!

Low Maintenance: Modern, quality solar panels require very little maintenance as they do not involve any moving parts. They also come with a 25 year performance guarantee and a life expectancy of over 30 years.


Our Latest News

Introduction to Solar Energy seminar

Pictures from our, very well attended, Seminar at CLUB DE GOLF JÁVEA on the 16th November. Lots of engagement and plenty of questions answered. Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who took part....

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Another recent installation

Another recent installation of a 4.45kW peak solar energy system in Javea, Costa Blanca - 10 x Longi 445W panels. Payback is 4 years (not taking into account the possibility of a grant from the Valencian Government)....

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Harmony Among the Vines

THE PERINET WINERY & SOLAR IN SPAINCREATING PERFECT HARMONY AMONG THE VINES  Perinet Winery set amongst the DOQ Priorat hillsAs a result of a very successful collaboration in March 2021 between the Perinet Winery and solar energy specialists Solar in Spain, 99% of the vineyard’s electrical demand was provided by their new solar PV and battery installation during the first 3 months ...

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Emergency Electricity Measures for Spain + Help with Photovoltaics in Valencia

On Tuesday this week the Spanish government approved a raft of measures to help reduce the ever-increasing electricity bills that we've been talking about in recent months.Electricity prices have been rising to record levels in Spain, with one of the highest prices yet at €172.78 /MWh, expected this Wednesday (15th Sept)...almost four times the figure registered one year ago, when it was just ...

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LIVE Q & A With Solar in Spain this September | Register NOW

Find out how much you can save with Solar Energy by joining our FREE webinar ☀️ You might be thinking to yourself "Should I go solar?" It’s a great consideration given that solar energy costs have declined rapidly in recent years. Solar is becoming the way to produce and consume energy of the future. We’re holding a FREE webinar to provide you with all the answers and ensure a smooth swi...

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Playing Both Sides of the Fence

Bifacial solar modules - that can generate electricity using both sides of the panel - aren't a new invention, but developments in technology have significantly increased their efficiency and created the potential for them to be a big player in the Solar PV market. Studies show that they can produce additional power between 10-20% over monofacial panels. And if conditions are optimized, that ad...

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Incentives for Valencian Region

Homeowners in the Valencian region who fit solar panels on the roof of their properties to generate electricity will be entitled to a 50% discount on their IBI property tax. The deal has been announced by mayor Joan Ribo as part of a new packet of tax measures aimed at encouraging reliance on renewable energy sources.During the presentation at city hall, Ribo revealed that an estimated 90% of hous...

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Energy Bills...Take a Hike

Spain's electricity prices have suddenly increasedThe second week in January 2021 marked a significant wave of cold weather, as well as an historic all-time high for energy prices in Spain. Predictably, many consumers were outraged at the sudden 27% price spike, especially when countless people have been out of work or with reduced income due to the global pandemic. Consumer protection bureaus wer...

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Flexible Photovoltaics: Travelling Light

We're all familiar with the sight of traditional solar panels by now (just take a look at our timeline...), and they remain the standard for the kind of projects we undertake to bring renewable energy systems to homes and businesses in Spain.You may have even seem some smaller variations, such as a portable unit with which to charge your mobile phone or camera.But with technology in the solar sect...

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With the Wind in Our Cells

We’re warming up nicely now, but the harshest cold spell in Spain in years this January coincided with a steep rise in electricity bills for Spanish households and businesses, with consumer group Facua suggesting that the price of electricity has increased by 27 percent so far in 2021. It’s a common occurrence every winter in Spain, with the increased energy demand and a relative drop in out...

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PV Tips: Save More With Our Top 5 Solar Recommendations

If you already have a solar energy installation in place, then congratulations! You're already reducing your utility bills and on the road to going off-grid.However, combining the basics with some of the new technology available means you could be making your system even more efficient, leading to even greater savings.So here are our 'Top 5 Solar Tips':1. Reduce the electricity consumption of the ...

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Team Building

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." - Phil JacksonAs our business continues to grow, along with the solar sector as a whole here in Spain, it's essential that we have the right team in place to move us forward in 2021. All business speak aside, we're delighted to announce the appointment of Craig Bainbridge as Regional Manager for the Cost...

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On The Record

Today is Guinness World Records Day and this year our sector is featured. Along with some of the more unusual entries that still stand in 2020. Some of our favourites include:The world's Shortest Living Horse: (22.36 inches high),Tallest HAT: (15 feet, 9 inches)andMost Tricks Performed by a Pig in One Minute, which is an outstanding 13 by our friend pictured above.Photo from a recen...

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In With The Ecrowd!

Four days! All it took was an incredible four days to reach 100% of the funding they were looking for to convert the powering of the Perinet vineyard in Cataluña from noisy, oil-burning generators to completely sustainable solar. In a way, we can say it’s down to the generosity of the investors...and we do wholeheartedly thank everyone that is participating. But that doesn’t tell the fu...

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100% Funding for 'Project Perinet' - We'll Drink to That!

It has been quite the week for us at Solar in Spain with more completed projects across the Costas, including this discreet panel array in Pego, Alicante. However, the biggest news has been the overwhelming success in funding the exciting new PERINET wineries project in Cataluña.If you've ever wondered why we talk about solar installations being an 'investment', it's not just about you saving ove...

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Solar Growth in 2020 Puts Spain Back in Front in Europe's PV Market ☀

Solar has once again been the driving force behind the growth of Spain’s green energy sector so far this year, with renewables generation between January and September up 16.3% on the same period of 2019. New figures from Red Eléctrica de España show that PV’s generation was 67.5% higher year-on-year, followed by hydropower, which was up 41.6%Thanks to good weather and the deployment of addi...

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Three Great Reasons Why Autumn Could be the Best Season for Solar ☀

The news is that summer officially ends tomorrow, September 22nd Chances are though that will pass unnoticed here in Spain as there's almost certainly plenty of warm, sunny weather still to come. In fact, autumn is a great time install a solar photovoltaic system on your roof for a number of reasons...  1) Great Weather Of course if we were based in the UK, we likely wouldn't be recommending...

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Solar in Spain and Ensemble™ Energy Management Technology | The Next Phase

Did you know the majority of home solar systems won’t work during blackouts? Together, Solar in Spain and Enphase have the solution. With Ensemble™ energy management technology, when the grid is down, you have power and when the grid is up, you can save money... Get a taste of what we're bringing to you as authorised installers in Spain here: And get in touch with...

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Enphase IQ™ 7 Microinverters: Serious about Solar Energy for your home or business ☀

Welcome to the next phase, as Solar in Spain gets ready to bring you the most advanced solar technology through our partners at Enphase. Take just a couple of minutes to learn how Enphase IQ 7 Microinverters can transform solar installations, with higher efficiency, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence. We couldn't be more excited to be bringing these and other market-leading products f...

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Beating the Blackout with Solar in Spain and Enphase: Tres bien ensemble(™)

It could be that you were today years old when you learned that during a blackout your solar electricity system is required to shut down to prevent sending power back into the offline grid, and so protecting those working on repairing the problem. If you live in Spain you'll be no stranger to the occasional outage, but larger town or city wide power cuts - such as that caused by Storm Isaias ...

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"So, what happens next?"

Here we are regularly inviting you to get in touch for any questions you may have about solar energy, but you're possibly left wondering what happens after you've made that first contact with us and wish to take things further.Well, our colleague here is fully embracing his big moment and has donned his lab coat to explain the process that follows that initial enquiry. We can provide you with a FR...

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Get Encharge and Get Ahead of the Game

The Encharge™ storage system has been wowing installers and customers alike since its release in the US...and it'll be available here in Spain from next January.It's not just the next-level technology used in this new look solar battery that makes it so desirable. Service costs are also reduced through proven reliability and industry leading cover from Enphase.This includes:- 10 year warranty- A...

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'Hard Drugs, Helmand...and Huertos Solares'

"What the heroin industry can teach us about solar power" was a pretty eye-catching headline spotted recently on the BBC.While we don't particularly care for the association and it's not an area we're looking to explore, it is a real demonstration of what a dynamic technology solar is and how it has proved its worth in the toughest of environments.Opium poppy growers are now extending right o...

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Taking Solar Production Cirrus-ly ⛅️

If you're the owner of a solar installation in Spain then there aren't many better places to be right now...and here's some news on why you shouldn't be overly concerned about the odd cloud in the sky. A new study from the Netherlands has shown that the highest power peaks caused by strong solar generation don't actually occur on cloud-free sunny days, as is commonly assumed, but under mixed-...

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Back to Business...and let's talk about yours ☀

Welcome, then, to the 'New Normal'!Much has happened in the past week as Spain exited the nearly 100 day State of Alarm period, started playing football again, and officially began Summer 2020.There was also the news from the government in Valencia, which is to approve a decree which will see substantial investment in solar power in the region.Regional president Ximo Puig has set the goal of gener...

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Coming Back Brighter ☀️

Unlikely as it sounds, we found some positive news this week! It may have escaped your attention buried in amongst Coronavirus content in recent weeks, but the Spanish government has approved the preliminary text for the Climate Change Law.The legislation states that Spain will be CO2 emission neutral by 2050, which is to be achieved by increases in the use of renewable energy and significant...

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Why rooftop solar PV installations are now a preferred choice

It doesn't take a genius to understand how important it is to shift to sustainable energy sources instead of continuing to rely on non-viable ones. One of the first and foremost advantages offered by rooftop solar is that it is economical: A number of surveys have been conducted that revealed that the price rates for rooftop solar when compared to commercial and industrial price rates are re...

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Spain's renewables share hits 50% in March

April 2 (Renewables Now) - Renewables generated 50% of Spain’s electricity in March and 44.7% in the first three months of the year, according to the latest estimates provided by Spanish grid operator Red Electrica de Espana (REE).Spain has been under a stay-at-home lockdown since March 15 after a state of emergency had to be declared to curb the spread of the coronavirus infections. With a...

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From The 'Sun Tax' To The Promotion Of Collective Self-Consumption

A few weeks before the general elections, the Spanish Government approved on Friday 5 a Royal Decree that regulates the new conditions for self-consumption of electricity, which encourage collective self-consumption and establishes a simplified mechanism for compensation of self-produced and unconsumed energy. The new energy regulation has put an end to the so-called 'sun tax' introduced...

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Solar Energy vs Conventional Energy

In the past you may have considered investing in solar energy but decided against it because you thought it was was too expensive or because of stories of ridiculous solar taxes here in Spain. Now, in 2019 more than any year previously solar energy really is a great investment. You are probably wondering what is the difference between the conventional electricity you currently have and Solar ...

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Spain sets out plan for 100% renewable electricity by 2050

It's time to turn solar...Spain has set out plans to switch entirely to renewable electricity by 2050, with goals that go further than current European Union plans.Under the new strategy, greenhouse gas emissions from Spain would be cut by 90 per cent compared to 1990 levels by the middle of the century. The nation intends to invest massively in wind and solar power over the next decade, while ban...

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Farewell to Spain’s solar tax

Solar sun tax in Spain has now been abolished which will ultimately boost the country’s energy transition. The Spanish Cabinet has approved a royal decree, which introduces a package of urgent measures to boost the country’s energy transition. It includes the already announced elimination of the “sun tax”, as well as, Compliance with renewable energy objectives, electric vehicle adoption, ...

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