Unlikely as it sounds, we found some positive news this week! 

It may have escaped your attention buried in amongst Coronavirus content in recent weeks, but the Spanish government has approved the preliminary text for the Climate Change Law.
The legislation states that Spain will be CO2 emission neutral by 2050, which is to be achieved by increases in the use of renewable energy and significant improvements to the nations energy efficiency.
The text also sets out intermediate objectives for 10 and 20 years time. By 2040 vehicles powered by fossil fuels will no longer be available to buy in Spain.

Can we come back brighter?

The lockdown period has given many people more time to think about the future, as images are shared of cities around the world experiencing their lowest levels of pollution in decades.

Much of the latest research and studies appear to suggest that we can build back better to create a healthy, resilient, prosperous and decarbonized world after the current crisis dies down.

Employment Opportunities

With the necessary changes, attention is often focused on job losses within the traditional industries. However, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) put the number of those employed in the 'green energy' sector at 11 million at the end of 2018, with millions more quality positions likely to be created up and down the supply chain as we advance toward a renewable-based energy transformation.

More inclusive

The global shift to renewables demands a growing array of skills, be they technical, business, administrative, economic or legal.

IRENA's report found that because of its multidisciplinary nature, the renewable energy field appeals to women in ways that the fossil fuel industry does not. Women currently represent 32 per cent of the renewable energy workforce, substantially higher than the 22 per cent average reported for the global oil and gas industry.

And the top employer is...

Of course Solar Photovoltaics!
Solar PV remained the chief employer among renewable energy technologies in 2018, accounting for a third of the sector’s workers.
Asia hosted over 3 million PV jobs, or nearly nine-tenths of the global total, but other areas are catching up.

“Renewable energy provides an opportunity for `building back better’, creating green jobs, facilitating the transition to carbon neutral economies, and protecting ourselves from future global threats, including pandemics,” according to UN Environment Programme climate change expert Niklas Hagelberg...and who are we to argue? 

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