The Encharge™ storage system has been wowing installers and customers alike since its release in the US...and it'll be available here in Spain from next January.

It's not just the next-level technology used in this new look solar battery that makes it so desirable. Service costs are also reduced through proven reliability and industry leading cover from Enphase.

This includes:

- 10 year warranty

- A guarantee that our Encharge batteries will contain — at minimum — 70% capacity after 10 years. That means that even after the warranty period, the battery would still have the capacity to perform for years to come.

- 4,000 cycles over 10 years. An additional 350 to the usual one cycle per day.

At Solar in Spain we really enjoy positive reviews, and we see that these come about through using technology that will last you long into the future, coupled with first class customer service throughout the process.

We're proud to be working with Enphase and are particularly excited about the new Encharge solar battery...which you can pre-order from us NOW.

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