The news is that summer officially ends tomorrow, September 22nd

Chances are though that will pass unnoticed here in Spain as there's almost certainly plenty of warm, sunny weather still to come. In fact, autumn is a great time install a solar photovoltaic system on your roof for a number of reasons... 

1) Great Weather

Of course if we were based in the UK, we likely wouldn't be recommending installing solar panels in the autumn.
However, thanks to our high rate of sunny, clear days, this isn't the case for our part of Spain.

Obviously your solar panels work extremely well in Summer, with the maximum hours of sunlight available. However, some systems can suffer on extremely hot days where temperatures exceed 35 deg Celcius, and with an average maximum temperature that's still over 20°C for the Costas, autumn is the perfect season for solar generation and installation.

2) Get Ready for Winter

Installing in autumn also means you could have your solar PV system set up in time to offset the high electricity bills associated with increased heating requirements in winter.
While the daytime temperatures may be lower, winter in Spain still produces a high number of sunny days, and your system will be generating a considerable amount to help you start saving money...especially when used with our market-leading energy storage solutions.

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3) Beat the Spring/Summer Rush

Spring and summer up to August is traditionally our busiest time of year, and can lead to slightly longer waiting times for installation while our team does its job.
Installing your system in autumn can help you avoid such wait times, meaning you start saving on your electricity bills sooner.
You'll also be ready for the peak period as spring and summer arrive.


While autumn may mean leaving behind the expense of air conditioning your home or business, there are still the related costs of increased heating and hot water usage, plus switching lights on during those darker mornings and evenings.
And, as we've heard, the season’s reduced temperatures combined with the not-insignificant hours of sunlight are actually a bonus for solar electricity generation.

With the chance to pre-order NOW from the exciting Enphase range, there really has never been a better time to talk to us about making the switch to solar.

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