Biomass Heating

Biomass Heating

We always recommend either a biomass (wood pellet) or an air-source heat pump (ASHP) heating system for properties here in Spain.  No other heating system can offer the efficiencies and cleanliness of these renewable energy options. There are benefits to both systems and a discussion with one of our experts will quickly identify the best approach for your situation.

We have been operating here in Spain for the past 20 years and have replaced numerous gas and oil heating systems with these renewable energy solutions.  We have also worked on many new build projects where the owners are keen to integrate a renewable solution into the build. 

Many of the biomass and ASHP units are WiFi enabled to allow you to control your heating from your mobile phone.  The flexibility and additional savings that this can offer are factors that are really appreciated by our clients.

 There are numerous models and styles of wood pellet stoves to choose from.  Some units will heat the air in the room where they are located whilst others will heat water to supply your central heating system. It really does come down to your personal choice and of course, your budget. The one common factor of all our units is that they are very high quality and they come from established manufacturers in Europe.

A biomass boiler can be installed and connected to radiators or to an underfloor heating system.  A biomass system will save you up to 60% in running costs against traditional fossil fuel boilers. The exact model of pellet boiler you will need depends on the type of heating required and the size of the building that will be heated.

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