Biomass Heating

Biomass Heating

Why pay money to heat water when sunlight is such an abundant resource?

Efficient and well-designed solar hot water systems provide a year-round, environmentally friendly and practical alternative to electric and gas hot water systems.

Do you rent out your property? Is the house a holiday home? Do you manage a hotel?

In these situations, how water for sanitary, clothes and dishwashing are some of the greater expenditures. Furthermore, water heating is often restricted by the supply of gas bottles or an unreliable electrical supply. Say goodbye to those bills and gas bottles.

With our solar energy products, you can enjoy the highest level of quality and durability in the industry. Our systems will provide constant high pressurized hot water for your home or business.

If you would like to know more about solar electricity and the benefits it can bring you please contact us for more information.

Mr & Mrs G

We thought you would appreciate some feedback. Our system is working better than we hoped for. We are using no additional means, i.e. electricity, to heat water. We look forward to our next electricity bill!