Biomass Heating

Biomass Heating

Fossil Fuel Prices Keep Rising

Over the past few years the cost of central heating has risen considerably and will undoubtedly continue to rise. With our new generation of pellet heating systems you can lower the cost of heating by more than 60% compared to propane gas heaters. High quality pellets are now widely available throughout Spain.

Biomass And Bioenergy

Biomass is biological material from living or recently living organisms such as plants, wood, twigs, branches, leaves, straw and fruit waste (olive pits and almond seeds).

Wood Pellets

A pellet is a small body of compacted material in a cylindrical shape. We are interested in particular in wood pellets, which are derived from wood waste, sawdust and wood from the forest. They provide fuel for pellet stoves, pellet boilers and pellet burning stoves.

Our biomass heating systems and accessories include:

  • biomass boilers
  • pellet boilers
  • wood burning stoves
  • pellet burning stoves
  • fireplaces
  • closed fireboxes

If you would like to know more about pellets or about our biomass heating systems please contact us.

Mr & Mrs G Calpe

We thought you would appreciate some feedback. Our system is working better than we hoped for. We are using no additional means, i.e. electricity, to heat water. We look forward to our next electricity bill!