Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Perfect for homes & hotels

Would you like to swim in your pool for a much longer season than you are currently able to?  

Do you rent out your property? Get ahead of the competition and advertise the fact that your property comes with a heated swimming pool. With the ability to extend the letting season and increase the rental charge, not only have you improved the comfort factor of your pool, you have started getting a financial return on it.

There are two main ways to heat your pool here in Spain:

1)    With a solar thermal pool heating system

2)    With a low-energy air-source heat pump (ASHP)

How does a solar thermal system work?

Pool water is pumped to the solar collectors, as the water flows through the individual tubes of the collector it is heated by the sun's radiant energy. The water then returns to the pool. This cycle is repeated until the pool is sufficiently warmed by the sun. This process is fully automated using a temperature differential controller and thermostats.

Solar in Spain recommend that a separate pump is used for the solar pool heating system. In this way, there is no conflict between the activities of heating and filtering and less strain is placed on the pump to achieve both aims.

When combined with a pool cover high temperatures are maintained even longer, protecting the pool from the effect of wind and cooler night temperatures.

How does a pool heat pump work?

A heat pump is a low-energy thermodynamic machine that takes heat from the outside air and transfers it via a compressor to provide heating to your swimming pool. A heat pump will allow you to swim in a warm pool throughout the year.  It is a great solution when combined with a solar electricity system as you can offset the running costs by operating the heat pump during the hours of solar production. Investing in a cover for your pool will not only keep the heat in the water when the pool is not being used, it will also ensure that debris is kept out and evaporation levels are greatly reduced. A solar pool cover is the perfect partner for a pool heating system and when the two are combined, you will see the full benefit of having a swimming pool. There are a variety of pool covers available; from solid, transparent covers operated by remote control to traditional solar blankets that come with a roller for storage.

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