Solar Ventilation

Solar Ventilation

Keep your house fresh and dry all year!

Being controlled by the sun’s energy, our system starts and stops automatically and require no external electrical input. It is ideal for houses or buildings that are periodically unoccupied as nothing can leak or cause damage while you are away. Powered independently by their own solar cells, our ventilators have absolutely no running costs.

Ventilation with heating

With the heat generated by the solar cell, our fans can provide warm air to your home sufficient to cover a space between 25 and 140m3, system dependent. This ensures that the air in the building is continuously refreshed. Any humidity or odours are also quickly removed.

“No-problem” maintenance

Our systems are solar controlled and solar maintained, so each time the sun shines the fan will blow fresh, warm, dry air into the building.

In short, they are simple, efficient and great value!

In buildings such as garages, cellars attics and caravans, that stand unoccupied for long periods of time, our systems can deliver free and reliable solar-powered ventilation and heating. Not only does this help prevent stored materials from going moldy or rusty, but it gives you peace of mind that the system will continue to operate in this environment for many years without maintenance or further cost.

After installation, the system runs automatically and completely without cost!

Our systems not only remove moisture, they push fresh air into the building and the risk of dry rot is decreased. All of our units operate without any electrical power supply requiring no extra heating is needed to keep the house dry.