No. Diffused radiation means that a solar collector will still generate a lot of energy on cloudy days. Vacuum tube collectors are particularly efficient in these conditions. Because they are evacuated they can heat water regardless of how cold the outside temperature is provided there is some sunlight. To give you some idea of its effectiveness, solar energy works well in the UK climate where 50% of solar radiation is diffused.
On the rare occasion of insufficient hot water from the sun the system controller will automatically activate the immersion heater which is located in the tank. Alternatively, solar hot water can be easily combined with an existing water heating device via the second heat exchanger in the tank.
The heating fluid used in our solar thermal systems also acts to protect the equipment from calcium build-up. This is vitally important given the hardness of the water here in Spain. With regard to our pool heating systems, the Solmate solar collector is made from polypropylene and resistant to any chemical build-up.
No. Although pre-plumbing a pool to draw cool water from the deep end and pump warm water in the shallow end does slightly increase efficiency, solar pool heating systems can be easily incorporated into the filtration system when pre-plumbing is not an option.
There are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy. For example, compare our prices for a swimming pool system with the price and running cost of a heat pump or a gas-powered system. You’ll find our solar systems are a competitive and efficient option. Solar hot water requires minimal maintenance and compared with the price of installing and regularly maintaining gas boilers and electric immersions, solar compares very favourably.
For a Solmate solar pool heating system, an additional pump is installed. However, this is smaller than a standard pool filter pump due to the lower demands. Subsequently the running costs are minimal compared to a conventional heating system.
With solar energy, as well as the numerous benefits, you are effectively buying your own power station that offers lifelong independence from the utilities. With gas or grid electricity what you have is a life-long loan with no guarantees against a price rise and no payback period at all. Each time the gas and electricity companies increase their prices the cost of solar energy becomes more attractive. You can now expect your solar system to pay for itself in 4-6 years and then you will have a further 20 years + of free energy!
1. Clean Energy Source: Solar panels give off no contamination. That means, once they are installed at your home, they are doing absolutely nothing negative to the atmosphere; this is a huge difference compared to other energy sources.
2. Renewable and Sustainable: Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which means we will not run out of it. Unlike fossil fuels, that will expire in another few decades, solar energy is never going to expire. We will continue to get solar energy as long as sun is there.
3. Reduce Electricity Bills: The use of solar energy allows you and your family to power your house for free rather than paying for electricity from your utility company. You can also sell surplus solar electricity to the utility company to further reduce your electricity bill.
4. Availability: Sunlight is available throughout the world and can easily be harnessed by every nation. It is estimated that the world’s oil reserves will last for about 50-60 years, whereas sunlight is available forever and can be utilized till the end of this planet.
5. Low Maintenance: Modern solar panels require less maintenance as they do not involve any moving parts and last for around 25 years. They require little space for residential use and require cleaning a few times a year.
YES. Permissions need to be obtained before the installation takes place. Every grid-connected electricity system needs authorisation from the utility company and Industria. Solar in Spain is one of the few companies that are able to obtain all the licences you need and we do this on your behalf as part of the installation process.
Both the solar panels and the inverters used by Solar in Spain are guaranteed for 25 years.
YES. The panels we use do not need direct sunlight to work – they can still generate electricity on cloudy days. The stronger the sunshine, the more electricity is produced.
Endesa and Iberdrola will now buy back any solar electricity you do not use. Alternatively, you can store that electricity in batteries for use during the night.
No. In October 2015 the government updated this proposal stating that grid connected solar installations smaller than 10 kW Peak will not be taxed. This is excellent news for home owners.
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